Preserving the past by inspiring the future

All the hard fought traditions, heritage and expertise of the past but with a dynamic focus on inspiring future consumers with beautiful and memorable food.

What We Do

At Caistor it all starts with the consumer and works back from there. The whole business is obsessed with understanding the expectations and needs of an evolving consumer. New generations have challenged the norms of our industry and have demanded new food experiences wherever they go.

Our obsession with listening and learning about what our consumers want means we combine data, insight and panels that inform and guide us in creating amazing food experiences.


Over 32 fish species are handled fresh, daily and packed into either bulk format or consumer pack format. Each piece of fish is handled to ensure that it arrives at the consumer in great condition. Each piece of fish is traceable to catch date, the sea area and the catch vessel to provide total traceability back to origin.


We currently have twin coating and frying lines, both capable of coating fresh and frozen fish through to chilled, refreshed or frozen finished product. We use three main coating systems – breaded, battered and dusted, dependent on the style of product required. We also have mixing and forming capability direct to line, fishcake forming and a range of packing solutions.

Added Value

This encompasses a broad array of product types and formats as we have the ability to flex the production process to suit customer needs. It currently includes fish in trays with inclusions, fish with sauce in an ovenable tray, hand made/packed en Papillote. This facility is capable of handling a wide range of ingredient combinations.

Our Products

The overarching purpose at Caistor Seafoods Ltd is quality. This starts with supplier selection of sustainable fish species.

Reliably caught, straight from the source.

Quality is paramount. To ensure we get the freshest fish possible, we use a combination of air freight as well as chilled and frozen sea freight. Our fish often comes from small, inshore, day boats, that only fish for eighteen hours or less.

Fishing methods also play a major part in supporting our quality offer. As an example, two of our core lines (Fresh Cod & Haddock from Iceland) are only ever sourced from vessels, using a hook and line method of catch, never trawled. This catch method is preferred as it results in beautiful white, unblemished fillets, not discoloured and bruised, commonly seen with fish that have been crushed in fishing nets, being towed by larger deep sea trawlers.

Equally important to us are our sustainability and traceability credentials. We have worked hard over the years to ensure that all the fish we source comes from waters that has third party accreditation, from Non-Government Organisation, such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Global Gap.

For every piece of fish we buy, we are not only able to record, where it was caught, but when it was caught and by which vessel.

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